Saturday, March 19, 2011

Secret Project

Well folks, after spending some much needed time putting some more paint on my Templar army I can be proud of some newly finished models. Probably my favorite item that has moved to the "finally got it painted" list is my Land Raider Crusader. Along with this was the finished touches of another crusader squad (only the initiates so far :P) as well as the retinue of Cenobite Servitors that accompany Grimaldus. I am happy to report that I have been able to add a few odds and ends units here and there, including some Standard "Shooty" Terminators with Cyclones (thanks again to Corvus Sanguine for those). My army is still a ways away from being finished, but I'm still happy to report it is growing with the little surplus income I can use on them.

Recently another of our ranks has begun to increase their army as well. Mr. Perry of the Chaos Space Marine persuasion has begun his collection of models for his Chaos Undivided army. With Khorne Bezerkers and a few CSM units in his possession, he stepped out to grab some more of the cult troops. He was able to obtain a Thousand Son and Plague Marine squad, but GW's lack of support for the Noise Marines (without buying the Noise Marine box, and Upgrade box to finish said box...]) he was unfortunately unable to obtain them... yet. I had a fun thought on a simple yet sufficiently disgusting look for the "Plaguies." After a little bit we had one finished, and the rest started. He was kind enough to let me finish one, but the rest are his to make beautiful (a relative term here as they are Nurgle :P ).

But after some fun with the Nurgles, I had a difficult time looking back at my Black and White army. I love them to death, but anyone who has painted a black army knows it takes a lot to make black look decent... so I was off to find one more distraction before buckling down. I have found my new distraction. I won't tell you more, but I'll leave you with a clue.



  1. The LRC's looking nice. Great work. I also know the pain and suffering of painting black all day. Its much more difficult than people think. lol!

    Reaper's Christmas Sophie! :)

  2. I'm going to go with tits. Lots and lots of tits.

  3. You took X-mas Sophie off the clue. lol! Guess I wasn't supposed to know it. ;)

    I've painted I know the model intimately. :D

  4. lol No it was ok that you knew it, but I posted the pic I hadn't intended to post :P

    I think it will be interesting when the conversions are finished and it's purpose revealed.