Monday, November 28, 2011

Guest Article: Space Hulk

So here is the first of our Guest Articles. Corvus Sanguine has written up a brief summery of our recent creation. Cheers!

Hey guys, Corvus here with a brief glimpse into the latest game that Godfrey, Havoc and myself have come up with: Space Hulk. I can already hear the WTFs and see the puzzled looks as many readers are thinking “Hogwash, GW put that out as a standalone last year, you’re not just now coming up with it!” And in all honesty, you’re absolutely right. However, with Godfrey recently having acquired the GW Space Hulk game, we thought it’d be fun to play it. But then came the issue of the in-box rules.

If we all wanted to learn a completely new game with shoddy rules, we would pick up Warmachine (I kid), not only that, but given that Godfrey has a Tyranid army lying about now, we thought it’d be lots of fun to kill more stuff than just genestealers. So we took the standing 40k rules, beefed up your average terminator, and set about cluttering a standard table with enough junk to pack corridors and give some blind corners. Each player may take any 5 non-character terminator models they own, so long as they are from the same codex, no matter the points. The only stipulation is the wargear given these battle brothers must fall within standard allocation (1 special gun per detachment of 5). To note along these lines, Terminators have 2 wounds and FNP built in and the sarge gets another wound on top of that. That’s right, short of WS5 our Terminators are paladins.

We thought they were far more badass that way. To counterbalance this (and the allowance of GKs), we’ve given the whole table old synapse. That cool rule that used to make Carnifexes and Warriors eternal and very very scary. Furthermore, the table is run by one of us three, unless we set rules for it to run its self. The table spawns units of everything from ‘gants to ‘fexes and anything in between. They spawn out of vents or from hive nodes. Generally speaking, nodes are almost always an objective, the destruction of which is required to purify and cleanse the hulk. Only after purifying the hulk and completing all objectives can the brothers return to their barge victorious in the name of the Emperor. Along the way are medical stations, armories, and distress beacons, all of which can in some way aid the kill team.

So dear readers, what are your thoughts? Now that we’ve shared Space Hulk and Left 40k Dead with you, do you have any home-brews of your own that you like to play?


  1. Would like to see rules on how to play other 40k army's in SH! Boarding party of SOB on Ork SH to retrieve a relic, or some other story line.

  2. Sounds like a load of fun. Maybe next time I could get in on it with you guys. It sounds like it could be a great afternoon of enjoyment as well as a fun little excursion into the world of 40K. Time for me to bring my Space Pups out of their boxes. They have been very bored as of late!

  3. So have I. It migt be a good idea to have a hobby night where we have multiple games going. Any takers?

  4. This new game varient does lend itself nicely to just about any armies 40k offers, for both sides. The universe is large and expansive, so coming up with a reason for one particular army to be fighting another isn't to hard. Heck, it doesn't even have to be a space hulk per say, as it could very well just be a ship of some army fleet.

    All it takes is a little inginuity to create an interactive board and objectives hat fit the feel of the attending armies.

    We even occasionally dabble in PVPVE boards by having marine Termies and Chaos Termies. It's pretty fun.