Thursday, December 1, 2011

Plug and Preview

Good day everyone and Happy Thanksgiving! I hope you all had a good time celebrating with your families and that you survived the commercial carnage of Black Friday. I'll be trying to write more, as I've been busy for the last few months, but before I jump into an idea on army composition I'd like to give a little plug to some friends of mine who are opening a new game shop.

For any of you who have been on Heresy Online, you should have seen two posters who keep the place up to the quality it is known for, Commissar Ploss and Djinn24. Going by the 'real' names Dave and Larry, these two are some of the best in the areas of fiction and art in the forum and have been very helpful to all sorts of gamers on the internet. Now these two have decided to expand into the realm of brick-and-mortar stores in Union City, Indiana. While we know that online stores generally have the best prices because they don't have to pay for things like rent or other forms of overhead, Larry and Dave don't have those expenses because they have found a building of their own that they have renovated and are going to pass their savings on to their customers.

I'm as thrifty as any other scout, but the reason we gamers go to brick-and-mortar stores like the Wizard's Keep and the Game Preserve isn't because of their discounts. If you want a really good price you can go to eBay or online stores, but all you get there is product. Brick-and-mortar stores can offer a group of fellow gamers to hang out with, commiserate over the newest codex, the opportunity to improve your skills in the hobby or even just chat about your ideas about the universe of gaming. Larry doesn't call himself 'Yoda with an airbrush' for nothing; the man has a fantastically painted Eldar army that I'm hoping to see in person soon. Dave is so knowledgeable and well spoken on the story of the 40k universe that he has held the staff Fiction and Art moderator post for one of the largest forums on the web for a few years.

Larry and Dave have told me that today is their Grand Opening, barring any unforeseen troubles. Though they did not give me a specific address for their store, the do have more information at their website and I'm sure they would love to have anyone in the Union City area as part of their new gaming community. I'll try to post information on any tournaments or events they are running on here.

Next time I post, I'm going to put a concept I'm working into my army into a bit of historical context and explaining why it is a good idea for competitive gamers to practice. Till then,

Abeunt studia in mores

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