Monday, January 23, 2012

Hobby Table V

Hey guys, and welcome to another edition of Hobby Table.  Once again I have had some fun with my spare time and have come up with another unique scenario for people to enjoy.  Inspired by my Death Korps, and eager to create a fun (if toxic) atmosphere for those beer and pretzel lovers out there.

Mission: Hazard Zone
In the grim darkness of the far future, the worlds are torn to shreds in the storms of war.  Too often, storage facilities containing lethal bio-hazardous materials are engulfed in these conflicts, leaving entire hive cities devoid of life.  This mission was created to simulate the deadly conditions those who live in the 41st millennium must face.

So here's How it works.

The game utilizes 3 Objectives.  The first is placed in the center of the table.  The other two are placed by the players anywhere on the table that is not in either deployment zones.  These Objectives may not be 12 inches or less from a board edge or another objective.

This game uses any of the standard mission set up types as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook.  Roll for this as normal.

Both armies may use reserves as normal.

Victory Conditions
This mission follows the Seize Ground rules as described in the Warhammer 40,000 rulebook (with the exception of objective placement of course).  Objectives are worth 3 Victory Points each, and all secondary rules apply.  In the event of a tie, use Victory Points to determine the winner. 

Special Rules:

The Air-filtration Systems: In an attempt to clean the sector, machines have been placed which filter the atmosphere around them.  These are represented by the 3 objective markers.  Any model withing 3" of one of these points is not subject to the "Prolonged Exposure" special rule as described below. 

Prolonged Exposure:  Units without proper hazard gear are not well suited to surviving these types of environments.  Any model that has exposed skin must make a toughness test at the end of the battle.  If the test is passed, nothing happens.  If the test is failed, the model immediately suffers a wound with no saves of any kinda allowed.  Please note that these models should be agreed upon by both players before the game.  All Necrons (they have no skin nor organs to contaminate) and Tyranids (they eat poison like this for breakfast!) are exempt from this rule.

Toxic Spills: With the ground, water, and air subjected to the exposed bio chemicals, it is hell on Earth realized.  All terrain is treated as being dangerous in addition to its other types. 

Poisoned Atmosphere: The battlefield is a place where cuts, burns, and injuries are commonplace.  The worst are those wounds which become infected, sadly also commonplace in areas of toxic spills and radiation leaks.  Any model that suffers a wound and does not die must immediately pass a toughness test.  If the test is passed, the model takes the wound as normal.  If the test is failed, the model immediately takes a second wound with no saves of any kind allowed. 

The game uses standard mission length, and allows any and all standard rules to be used (i.e. Deepstrike, Outflant, Infiltrate, etc.)

There you have it.  I know some people will cry cheese and let loose the dogs of Flame Wars, but it's meant for fun.  This is a scenario that I am looking forward to playing for the Bakkan Campaign.  I know Corvus must be eager to try since his skinless Necrons are free of the burdens of us mortals.  But on the other hand, I tip my hat to him... it takes a lot of guts to take a naked army to the table :D

At any rate, I hope you guys enjoy it.


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