Wednesday, April 11, 2012

Compounding interest

Morning everyone,

It's been quiet around here, but I just got some new information that makes my 40k spirit a bit happier.  For reasons that are well beyond me, GW has decided to rebrand and change their paint line.  Now you can't get Orkhide Shade and Dark Angels Green (both of which I use for my marines), but you can get Caliban Green.  Tentacle Pink isn't back, but you can get some Emperor's Children Shade.  Here's a nice little conversion chart that I found on All Things 40k and wanted to pass along to any of you who are looking to buy any Citadel paints in the future.  The real fun for gamers is after the break.

Most aspiring hobbyists probably want their army to break from the Grey Legion and actually have some color on them, even if it isn't much.  Like a smart company GW has provided a kit where you can buy some space marines and paint them up with paints and a brush provided in the kit.  If you started in fifth edition like I did, you are familiar with the combat squad of Ultramarines GW has been selling for years.  But, like the old paint line, we must now mourn for its passing.  Take heart!  The kit is not dead, but only replaced.  And what do we have to replace it?

Time to do a comparison:  Five bolter marines with static poses, check; brush that will probably wear out in a month, check;  eight paints in the new style of pots, check; two logos just so you know who made this product, check; obnoxious item to prolong this list, double check.  So what's different?  See for yourself, there aren't any more Ultramarines on the box, they've been replaced by the Sons of the Lion.  Take this with the White Dwarf spines and a grain of salt, but to me the future looks ...[puts on shades]...Dark.

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  1. The real kicker is when you get a nice look at the box, you notice that not only are the marines painted dark angels, they are molded them as well. The emblems on their shoulder pads are actually raised, meaning that these most likely snap together marines are probably cut from the new starter box.