Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Games Day Review

Hey everyone.  As the title pretty well sums up, I managed to take a trip to Games Day this year.  First time in a long while that I was able to do so.  While I can't say the event was super fantastic in every way... it was most certainly worth the trip indeed.  Corvus and myself made a weekend out of it, and the two of us managed to ramshackle the trukk up there without making it explode... though it came pretty close there.  We got there just in time too as the lines began to pile up just after we got there.  Even managed to play a fun intro game of fantasy while we waited.  the rules were all of 3 seconds to explain and it was a very simplified set of everyone needs 4's to do anything.  I played the rats and Corvus lead the high elves.  Though he won in the end by killing my general... the rats dominated the game until his general landed 3 lucky 4's on me!  Oh well :P

We both knew exactly where we were going the minute those doors opened... the Forgeworld line.  Even though we booked it there, we still got stuck in line for about an hour.  While Corvus was there only to keep me company... I managed to get just about every last thing I wanted from the event... minus the bitz for my penal legion... though I did get an unexpected treat for that unit.  I'll do a follow up article on what I got... as my hobby table is now overflowing with goodies to build and paint.

I won't lie, Corvus and I were a little let down by some things this year.  There was no big release... no news... nothing.  Basically we got the standard event with some new models to look at.  While the Golden Deamon, Armies on Parade, and Heavy Metal models were a blast to look at... not much else came of the event.  Though we did manage to snag a few pics of the new daemon models.

They are very well done.  Corvus is anxious to pick up the blue scribes, and I cant say I blame him... they look fantastic. There we several events going on throughout the day.  Sadly we missed the build your own terrain, but it was a pretty solid day overall.  We got to see 40k goods, some awesome models, bug games, and I got a huge amount of forgeworld I've been wanting for years.  With just a little push after this, my Death Korps will have just about every model of their I wanted.  Can't wait to show off some of the models in the followup article.

I was happy to get a chance to see Games Day again, but I was sad to see the event being treated so... small.  The venue was ok... but all things considered it wasn't a great space to spend a day.  Concrete floors, and very little else.  With 6th just dropping, and new armies on the horizon... I guess I just hoped for a little more.  But no matter... I got to talk to Phil Kelly.  That's all that matters to me.  wish I would have brought something for him to sign.  I guess I'll enjoy the conversation enough to count for that as well :P

So that's it for me.  I have a few article ideas for the future, and will look forward to posting them soon.  I'd be happy to hear from anyone else who was at Games Day to see how their time was.  Hopefully they had a blast, and I hope Games Day will be more than a stop by Forgeworld and a chat with arguably the better writers of G.W.


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