Thursday, August 30, 2012

Dark Vengeance Rules

 Well there is very little here to be surprised about, but here are the leaked pictures of the new Dark Vengeance rules!  As a side note, I was a little surprised to see the Lord not being a little more tough than he is, as his stats mirror that of a generic SM Captain.  Time will tell if this is what we see in the new CSM Codex.

I did catch something a little interesting about that chaplain.  I'm hoping that this pulls over into the standard game rules, but I noticed his litanies allow him to re-roll 1's on shooting attacks as well as melee.  I wonder if that might pull over into chaplains across the board when the fabled "Mass F.A.Q.s start dropping."  A little less in melee as it's only the 1's that re-roll, but it would applying to shooting would be pretty nice considering 6th's shiny new shooting rules.


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