Sunday, January 13, 2013

Progress Report: Godfrey's Death Korps III


Recently, Ball State University had it's usual winter break, and I found myself with a fair bit of time to really spend on myself.  While still being productive in my work life, it gave me a lot of time to devote to the hobby side of 40k.  With 6th edition, I have been getting a fair few number of games in, and I have been deeply enjoying the new rules.  But as I said, I spent a good number of hours over the break devoted to putting paint on models.  One could say it was something along the lines of a painting Blitzkrieg.  (fnar! fnar!)

Recently I acquired quite a few vehicles from a friend who decided Guard wasn't where he wanted to go.  My last Progress Report detailed a large induction of infantry models I got from Games Day 2012.  Well... I finished them all... and the tanks, and even some extra fun models I picked up on the side.  The full list of items painted since the last report are as follows.

Basilisk x1
Leman Russ Demolisher x2
Bane Wolf x1
Deathstrike Missile x1
Death Korps Commissar x3
Platoon Command Squad x1
Infantry Squad x1
Heavy Weapons Team x9
Veterans (Krieg Engineers) x10
Penal Legion (Including Games Day Enforcer Model) x10
Ogryns (including Games Day Ogryn) x6
Shadowsword x1

Bloodthirster (FW Khorne Daemon Prince)
Khorne Herald
Blooodletters x9 (in progress)

But Hey, I can talk about the models all day, but that doesn't mean much without pictures!

As a fun aside, I have started some of the first steps towards building a 40k table that is based on an interior space.  The design is open and big, and hopefully when it is all said and done, there will be a good looking table that looks like a Space Hulk or underground base.  I'm even going to work on getting some built-in lighting on this table.  Additionally, I'll be building a large mountain entrance so that the new table can be placed along one of the existing Krieg table's short edges to make a duel interior/exterior table for a massive apocalypse scale assault game.  No doubt Corvus, Havok, and I will at some point will try for something like that in the future.  But  I think that's it for me.  I hope you guys enjoyed!


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