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Of the codex and YOUR LIFE!
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Over the weekend, while I was sleeping after writing my last article the universe heard me say I hadn't heard new tau rumors for almost a year.  The universe is not happy with me right now so she decided to invalidate my statement by releasing three rumor batches since then, two of them to day.  I'll be paraphrasing most of them and providing commentary on them.  Be aware these are still playtesting rumors, so Corvus and I peg the codex as releasing around June, so I may not be able to play it against him, sigh.  Thanks to Faeit 212 and BoLS for their releases, rumors after the break.

Kroot MC highlights: WS 6, S 8, T 6, W 4, I2, A 5, 4+  the beast goes berserk (old raged) if the rider is killed.  Option to buy 3+, starting at 200 pts.  ~Meaning there would need to be some rules for how the rider could be killed.  Could be interesting to see, but I'm still a fan of tau more than kroot.

Kroot: 6+ armor with move through cover and furious charge for 6pts/model.  Shaper allows them to buy flak armor for 2pt/model  ~Speaking of kroot, these guys might be worth their cost now.  Having their fieldcraft changed to move through cover means they're less durable, but they can use it wherever. Still don't think the armor will be purchased, but the unit improved incredibly if this holds.

Sky Ray has flak missiles and an orbital bombardment: forgo all other shooting.  Range: Unlimited Strength X AP 3 (Wounds on a 2+, plasma corrosion, blast).  Plasma Corrosion: any model hit by the blast rolls a d6 each turn on the following chart: 1-3 unit or model suffers d6 bolter hits, 4-5 2d6 heavy bolter hits, 6 2d6 tau plasma hits with blind.   ~Oh my!  This could make the sky ray a good way for Tau to dig out units on a point or stubborn units like devastators.  The counter system could be annoying, but one of the biggest questions is would these hits allow cover?  If not this is bonkers and should be changed before playtesting ends.

Fire warriors have the option to upgrade to BS 4, called "Advanced Training." ~BoLS links this to purchasing a Shas'O.  It's not clear if this is one unit or all units.  It does make sense for the Shas'O to be leading a veteran cadre, so bully to GW if they keep this.

Gurren Lagann, that's what I'm going to call it.  WS/BS 4 S 6 T 8 W 4 2+/4++ for 210 pts. ~Gotta see the rules to see if this will just be a wall or if it will be useful.  DON'T BELIEVE IN YOURSELF!  BELIEVE IN THE ME WHO BELIEVES IN YOU!

Drones: any model controlling a drone may make a Look Out, Sir! roll to allocate the wound to the drone.  ~Fuck yeah, finally.

Markerlights: being hit gives any unit firing at the target +1 BS, a la the Triarch Stalker, with no effect from further hits.  Marking a flier requires snap shots, but makes any further snap shots a 5+.  Networked markerlights are for vehicles only, but are twin-linked with bonus ranged  ~This would be almost as disappointing as the drone change would be encouraging.  The versatility of markers would be gone, but the utility would possibly improve, though large pathfinder teams would disappear.

Stealth suits: same models, lose shrouded but can buy it back.  ~gotta see the price point, but having stealth seems a bit light since they used to be nigh invisible and then durable as hell.

Crisis Suits: Can choose what weapons they want on turn-by-turn basis with the option to buy T 5 or 2+ armor, possibly more stat line options.  Option for flak missile pods  New models with the bits to make broadsides. ~omigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigoshomigosh-FUMP!
[Heretic has been taken away for medical treatment.  He will return at a later date.]

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