Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Reader's Choice: The Next Codex Review?

Greetings, good tidings, and otherwise generic introductions to all.  I come to the reader's of the blog to lend us their thoughts on which codex they would like to see a review of next.

There have been several codex releases since sixth dropped, and I would love to lend a machete to the intellectual thicket of how people view the armies that be.  I deeply enjoyed my in depth look of the Black Templar codex, and though I have played it for some time, I have never review the Imperial Guard.  Possibly because the book is so full of options that it is hard to really narrow down a look at how the army wants to play, when the codex offers so many choices.

That said, I'll review just about any codex currently out.  I'd prefer not getting into armies that have been rumored to be coming soon, as I don't want the work of a review to be moot before it's even finished :P

So... what army would you like to see a codex review for?


  1. Id like to hear how the guard are handling 6th, I actually miss playing against them sometime.

    1. I'd play against just about anything except your MC spam nids. I just can't touch that list.

  2. Godfrey you have some serious hatred for the nid MC's.