Thursday, July 4, 2013

Independence Day

Good afternoon everyone,

Today's post isn't about wargaming or about our plastic space men.  Today is bigger than that.  Today is the day we in the United States have set aside to celebrate the declaration of our independence from the British crown.  Today is one of our days to remember those men and women who have been wounded or killed to defend that independence and the principles of our nation.  I would invite you to take the day, while you aren't spending it with your families, to consider the state of those principles in our nation today.

I apologize for my absence.  I have been pouring myself into making a game of Dark Heresy for all my co-authors.  I've been thouroughly enjoying it, but it has meant that I haven't been playing my 40k armies much and thus don't really have much to talk about.  I'll try to keep you up to date on the goings on in Bloomington and soon in the Arlington/Fairfax area of Virginia to which I will soon be moving.

Best Regards,

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