Sunday, June 1, 2014

Lex Verum Astartes III: Chapter Tactics & Warlord Traits

Hello again everyone, and welcome back.  Last time we got started looking at the Army Special rules for my Tru-Scale Space Marines project.  I am most assuredly pleased with how the army's structure is working out, and though I still have many more months of work before I can complete this fan-made codex and it's supplementary installments, I am excited to keep working on it.  With each finished section I find myself getting ideas and making plans for future installments.  This may be one of the larger single entries of the series, as in order to complete this one, I had to delve into a lot of finer details for many a Chapter.

While I didn't quite make it to the Allies Matrix, I am very pleased with what I finished for you this time.  The army now has a complete set of Chapter Tactics as well as a Warlord Table (which players gets to choose from instead of rolling on... Go Marines!)  While the Chapter Tactics share the same name as the normal Space Marines, the effects are often different.  I had a lot of fun working to get these to fit the flavor of each Chapter.  As for the ally rules, I may simply use the same ones as Games Workshop Marines, since it seems a little more restrictive on Imperial / Non-Imperial alliances.  But without further delay, here's the rest of the Army Special Rules for Codex: Verum Astartes.

To make a quick note, since the installment covering it hasn't been made yet, here are the rules for Suppression Fire

Suppression Fire: This weapon has the Pinning special rule.  Additionally, the enemy unit suffers -1 to their leadership (to a minimum of 2) for each unsaved wound this weapon causes when they test for Pinning.  This modifier only counts for pinning checks made from weapons with this special rule.  If the unit firing has multiple weapons with this special rule, the modifier is equal to all unsaved wounds caused by any weapons with this special rule.

So there they are.  I was debating on whether to move on to the armory entries to cover the weapons and armor available to the Marines or to the unit entries covering the stat lines and units available for the army for my next installment.  While I have ideas for both, I was wondering if any of you had a desire to see one more than the other next.  If you do, leave a comment, and I'll do whichever is more popular next.  Either way, I hope you guys enjoyed these.



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