Monday, August 4, 2014

Lex Verum Astartes V: The Armoury - Melee Weapons

Welcome back folks.  As promised, this time around we're hitting the armoury for the melee weapons of the Tru-Scale Space Marines.  While there isn't nearly as much here as our previous installment in terms of quantity, it does help us establish just how powerful the Space Marines will be in close quarters fighting.

I tried to make a very clear distinction between basic weaponry, chain weaponry, and power weapons.  The Energy Field rule will be revealed at the end of the armoury, but it does promise to make the high price point for purchasing them worth the investment.  Next up in the armoury will be the amour section.  While in the current incarnation of the Space Marine codex it's more or less a brush-over, armour in this book does more than offer a save.  But, that's another installment.  For now, Enjoy!


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