Saturday, January 10, 2015

RoBPod #18: Blood Angels

Join Godfrey and I as we go over the new tome of the red marines. There's some angry marines, salty casters, laughter, and adoption. And editing. Booyah!

Linky to Rhino article by Son of Horus

Linky to Drop Pod counterpart article I wrote

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  1. I don't know if it's just me. But I can't get it to play. I tried both my laptop and tablet. Nothing loads.

  2. and as soon as i say that, It works.

    and its Lucifer engines. not bale engines. "Ba'al"

    droppods also trade 11AV for 12, but open top. but when you have to dedicated even stronger weapons to kill it, i'd give it open top.

    While I understand the change to dread talons, but at 10pts, thats too much.

    I think the thing that annoys me the most, is that I own 50 assault marines, and no tacticals. so it isnt so much that I'm not ok with having asm in fast attack, but that i have to take two squads of tacticals ( and buy them.) and then what do I do with them in the game.

    Mastercrafted plasma pistol? every salamander sarge? lol

    while as awesome as blood boil sounds, its just as effective as hitting with a flamer, or gasp, heavy flamer. but it's still a useful power.

    There is no fear, and no challenges on the warlord table.

    Mepthiston always dispells on a 4+ when targeted (5+ from psycher, then ad will). 3+ if he is a higher ML.
    He is a challenge beatstick. S10, I5, hits on 2+. Multiple S10 is still great for back field wrecking vehicles. I can see him soloing a Knight with quickening and sword turned on.

    Sanguinor does have EW, so lascannons don't scare him as much.

    Astrorath and dante traded axes, now dante has +2 S, and astorath has +1S. Astro got the killing strike rule, and lost the null zone reroll invulnerable save rule.

    Corbulo... He has I5, warlord trait is +1I, his chalice gives +1I, and if you take him in the detachment, on the charge he hits I8. just for the lawls. Also, the normal priest having to buy a bolt pistol, for 1pt. such RAGE!!!

    I think fear is worth it, specially against orks. You don't need to buy death mask if Dante is going to be in the unit.

    Frag cannon stayed the same stat wise, but now costs 5pts instead of free trade. Magna grapples give move through cover as well. And I think dreads should have some kind of inspiring presence bubble.

    No, not normalized!! They take away my blood strike missiles, I can't even have skies of blood any more. We started this thing! and we don't even get a storm talon.

    Scout+Smoke was removed like 2 editions ago. moving to heavy, and losing scout is a huge loss to Baal preds. I don't see them being taken any more with those chances. The big deal is no longer outflanking.

    Whirlwinds look great in this book, since there isn't a thunderfire to compare it to. I'm actually more scared of a whirlwind than a thunderfire, since it has AP4.

    I was still 2 for 2 on my deepstriking land raiders. 3 if you count apoc. haha.

    Marines recognize the Emperor as a man, not a god!

    I find it funny, that cover is such a pain for combat. Combat used to be the way to get a squad that was dug into cover. But now shooting ignores enough cover and has volume of fire to override.

  3. I dream of a day move through cover effects assaults and makes it work.