Wednesday, January 11, 2012

The Crossroads from 5th to 6th

So many directions to go, and only one new edition

Hey everyone,  After a cup of tea and a once over the supposed leaked 6th edition snippets, I thought it'd be a good idea to have a chat about the state of the game now, and where it sounds like it's going.  Bare in mind I'm very much the "I'll believe it when I see it in print" kinda guy when it comes to rumors for 40k so I don't take a lot of the rumors to seriously, but there are a few little (and a few more big) changes that have been floating about the interwebz for some time now.  I was curious to know what people think about the game, and how these changes will affect it.  If even half of the rumors about 6th are true, the game is looking to become radically different.  Before going to much further, I'll post a link to the "leaked 6th Ed. rules."

It looks to me that they are making quite a few changes to the core of the game, and from my point of view, 6th feels very much like the old 4th system with some new tweaks and changes.  We still see some elements that 5th brought in (like true line of sight among other things) but in a lot of ways that old feel that I got from 4th feels very up front here.  I won't say that 5th had no point, but this new edition feels more like a natural progression from 4th than from our current system.  Makes me think that the developers might have just largely thrown 5th away (while keeping a few highlighted passages and pages on the table) and created a new system from the old book.

In my opinion it looks like the game will take a little more reading and thinking to get into.  This might scare some new players with the TLDR mentality away, but I'm thinking this is a refreshing change of pace for the versed players who might be tired of the rather mundane mindset 5th leaves.  Tactics feel a lot more important in some of these rumors, so how one plays might be very different from how they will play, even with the exact same list.

So how about it?  What do people think of the current edition of 40k vs. where it's going?  I'm looking for substance beyond "I can't wait" or "Things are probably going to be different..." I would love to see some deep thoughts on how people feel about the changes.  I'm looking forward to an environment that will make me think, and incorporate tactics in multiple aspects of the game, including list constructing.  6th ed. will more than likely make me play differently than I do now, but this is something I've been really excited about.  New lists means new experiences, and with the game changing, I'm pumped.  What are your feelings?



  1. I have read through a couple of rumor posts based on this leak (sadly did not learn about it until after the original had been deleted)... And as always I will take it with a grain of salt but.. looking at some of the WTF things in the tyranid codex (you know the one vaunted as being made with 6th edition in mind).. and then looking at some of these rumors. Well things make a little more sense, even pyrovores. (If someone can check other army codex's to see if this holds true it would be appreciated)

    Now as far as a move from 5th to 6th in general.. every rumor that has popped up recently has pointed towards what seems to be a more complex rules set. Which in my mind may be a good thing...or it might not be. We'll have to see.

    1. As a new player and a chronic tl;dr sufferer, I'm a little hesitant to start learning the 5th edition with the changes in 6 on the horizon. My other fear is those I was hoping could teach me to play will be learning a new set of rules themselves, making it difficult to spare time to train me. I can manage on my own, but it's nice to have someone to turn to. Nonetheless, I'm a clean slate and ready to learn and play no matter what the changes entail!

      How long does it take for a new edition to completely antiquate a previous edition, anyway? If it takes a while, I might as well learn both editions.

  2. While I'd expect the changes from 5th to 6th to be a lot bigger in scale than much of the edition changes of the past, I'd still recommend learning as much about 5th as you can. While it can be a little confusing when trying to remember specifics, it will give you a basic knowledge of the game and how things work as per table tops.

    As for how long it takes, technically its an overnight shift. Once 6th is released, it becomes... the rules. The only real question is how long it takes the players to recognize how the new rules work. I know that once it's released, I'm planning to have a hobby night devoted to an overview of the new BRB.

  3. Yeah.. and even if we are still learning the new rules ourselves... we'd still be willing to work with you to help you understand. New editions are a really fun time when everyone gets to sit around and talk about how this or that works.

  4. I have developed a love hate relationship with this new rules system. Some of it is just overly confusing. And other parts of it is just overly retarded. I want to know if Fleet will still allow running and assaulting. Because otherwise there went at least three different archetypes that I know of, and Foot Eldar just got WORSE!!! But if you do still get the charge from fleet...look at beasts. UMMMM WHAT?! Some of these things just look WAY overpowered. And others just make me cringe on how stupid it will be. Like the new ID rules. My force weapon should kill you instantly rearguards of toughness because the God Emperor himself taught me how to use mind bullets!

    It's going to be an interesting little change...that much is for certain!

  5. From what I read (And just looked up the rules again just to make certain) you get to choose one move action. but having fleet does modify that.. So say a unit of genestealer. since it has fleet do a combat move of 9 inches (6 inch norm + 2 for fleet) and still shoot (lol shoot) Or it can run a full 16 inches (Double its movement value of eight). Or Instead it can Choose to charge... in other words make an assault move of 16 inches (double its movement).

    So basically instead of having 12+d6 movement. A squad of genestealers can move up to 8 or up to 16. which while making units that are 18 inches out safe does take the randomness out of rolling fleet (and even puts it on the high side)

    Now as for beasts/calvary. You get to choose between the fleet bonus or tripling your movement.. So you can choose between an 18 inch charge from fleet. Or if the path is clear of terrain a 21 inch charge. (This is at least how is cleared up in the attached Tyranid Faq)

  6. Had a quick conversation with someone who was given the actual GW play test rules for 6th. While they divulged nothing specifically, they did make mention that while some of the rumors (indeed listed in the link) are utter fabrications and wish lists, some of them are pretty darn accurate

    No mention of which ones were right or wrong, but it's interesting to see where it will go. 6th is looking to be a very different grim darkness!