Friday, July 6, 2012

A Second-Hand, First-Hand Impression

So I have been looking at the rule book of Heretic, watching discussion unfold on the Wartrukk, and have been reading article after article on the community websites about 6th edition.  Regardless of how people have been treating their initial responses, everyone has seemed to latch onto the idea that the game has indeed gone through a pretty major change.

People have been finding the inevitable holes in the rules which accompany just about any edition change.  No matter how you slice it, 40k has a lot of rules, and 6th did nothing but expand that rule even more so.  It's not a strange occurrence to see some issues come about from these.  Mawloc's vs. Fliers, The conundrum of missing Skyhammer Missiles, and of course the new learning of mechanics like torrent and multiple fire modes.

So far... I have a pretty happy overview coming from the game.  But, nothing is ever usually 100%.  With 6th edition I have seen so much that I have liked, and so much that has been such a heartbreak.  I have a fairly large number of things I could bring up, and have had a number of ideas on some things to utilize for the new edition.  I figure I'd compile some of these here, as I have been holding off on placing any thoughts until getting a good chance to read, comprehend, and double check my understandings.  So here goes. 

NOTE:  Some topics will appear more than once, as some topics have more than one element or effect on the game.

6th Pros
Allies will make the lower tier armies have some new options to fill in some of the holes of their older codexes or design gaps.  This will also help mitigate the element known as codex creep.

A more in-depth look at line of sight, which could make the strategy of where to place certain models more relevant than ever before.

A much more involved number of abilities such as choosing to focus fire and so on which gives players a new level of skills to master to become a good general.  This helps to give good players more distinction and more chances to have their skills show through over what we've seen come about in late 5th with lists almost playing themselves (Looking at you Draigo-wing!)

Some amazing mechanic alterations such as nominating stationary models within units, and the new rapid fire rules.  These alone have really come into their own in really mashing up the meta and really making so many units and tactics much more viable.

The shooting phase has really become something for most armies to consider as a major place of allotment for their points.  This phase needed some tweaks from 5th, and I'd say they really got it.

Bringing in buildings to a whole new level.  With every army now capable of utilizing terrain to their own benefit in the form of Foritifcations, players now have the option to mitigate the problem of to little cover in their deployment zones.

The cover saves no long feel like the be all, end all of saves.  Marines definitely feel more resilient by comparison, but feel the burn of low AP more so, as they should.

The unparalleled chance to tell such a great story narrative within the basic rules of the game.

So much more I have left unsaid I will still hold my opinion for a time where I have more experience.

6th Cons
Beyond anything else, the biggest con of 6th is the unmitigated, unbelievable atrocity that is G.W.'s FAQ line that came out the day of 6th edition.  While I applaud some of the decisions and rulings, the overall brevity of addresses, gaping wholes with new mechanics and units (Skyfire weapons!?!) is frankly insulting.  Where is the 8 pages of fixes that came with fantasy.  6th has had an unparalleled level of changes, and of course G.W. left us to the crippling waste of time to get so many issues addressed.

The Ally system does indeed have some major power combo's that I think we will begin to see come out as the Meta evolves.  While this isn't really bad, it does provided a further gap between vets and new players, which may cause the newer players to get frustrated and leave the hobby which is already hurting for memebership.

The assault phase has got some major power issues.  While random change length is self balancing in my eyes (random, but a new possible higher threat range), the overall phase has just lost a lot of it's punch.  Shooting units in general have gotten a pretty substantial buff with 6th... and unfortunately a lot of the assault counterparts got knee-capped.  Typical G.W. over correction in my eyes.

Hull Points.  I hate them.  Which vehicles were just way to hard to kill in 5th... 6th has made them glorified paper-weights.  They die at the slightest touch, and I don't know how... but they managed to make Land Raiders even more worthless... I didn't think it was possible.  Well done G.W.  The one unique element to your tabletop over all other competitors just became a joke in your game.  Bravo.

On a personal level... my Templar Lost Preferred Enemy for... an extra attack on the charge... I know the math is about equal... but all things considered... I'd always rather have the re-roll.  Grrrrrrrrrrrr.

Other relatively minor annoyances.

I've had some pretty compelling army concepts pop into my head with the coming of allies.  Thought I'd share a few.

Khorne Bezerkers allied alongside Skarbrand for a blood and skulls themed melee fest!

Tau with carbines with I.G. allies bringing basilisks, sniper teams, and a psycher battle squad (thou shalt be pinned!)

Imhoptek with allied Sicarius (I'mma seize now... no really, I'mma seize now)

All of them are silly tricks, but gloriously fun sometimes.

Overall, I like 6th.  I'll be getting used to the rules for a while, but overall I think I'll enjoy my time in it.  I've got the basic turn order down for the most part, and I have a long way to go through the finer details and the long list of new terrain and special rules memorization.  I'll be happy to keep being a part of 40k, but G.W. has a long way to go in their FAQ damage control department.  I'm not going to hold my breath on that one, but I'll distract myself with the hope of a new Templar Codex in the far future, and until then I'll keep myself distracted with my I.G. (Which as I was building for the future, my Plasma vet teams with camo cloaks look pretty decent these days.).


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