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Rumor Mill: Dark Angel Playtest Units

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I'm taking a short break from Back from the Brink because of my coursework, so I'll just be reposting and commenting on some of the latest rumors floating around the aether about 40k.  Today's entry is about the Dark Angels and their iconic Ravenwing and Deathwing.  I've always been a fan of the Dark Angels because of their theme of intrigue and secrecy, all of which revolves around their hunt for the fallen.  Be warned these could be nothing like what comes out as these are early playtests of these rules.  Rumors after the break, anything in red is pure speculation.  Credit to  at Faeit 212.

Deathwing should have:

 Command squad- 2 wounds like GK paladins... WS5 and BS5... command squad upgrades... upgrades for attached chaplain and/or attached librarian... very expensive unit...   ~These guys were the terminator army until Knights and Wolves decided the could do it also, so I'm looking forward to having the Dark Angels back as the premier heavy infantry army.  I am a bit against the attached chaplain as that's a Templar thing.  These guys should clock in at about 55-65 points, before upgrades

Elite squad - Close combat specialistic unit with mastercrafted weapons and specific options... WS5   ~These guys remind me of maulers in the new CSM book.  I wouldn't be suprised to see these guys, would be interested in what weapons they have access to though.

Troop squad - the DW squad we know now but without any speacial ability... i guess they will be just fearless without DWA... chaplain in TDA can attach...   ~I would be very disappointed if they stripped the Deathwing of Deathwing Assault, as it was given to drop pods in fifth edition when it used to be exclusive to Deathwing.   I'm sensing a heavy chaplain theme here so I would expect Interrogator-Chaplains in the HQ, possibly as an upgrade like Epistolary.

Heavy Support squad - BS5... no access to assault weapons but access to heavy weapons... AP3 
Stormbolters...   ~Corvus and I are in disagreement over this.  I think these guys could be very dangerous, but am a bit confused as it says they have no access to assault weapons, but also have AP 3 assault weapons.  He comares them to Sternguard and Thousand Sons, making them less unique.  That lack of uniqueness could hurt their chances to appear tabletop.

Ravenwing should have:

Command squad - 2 attacks... WS5... all the guys can take sergeant upgrades... command squad upgrades...   ~See Codex: Space Marines.  Weapon Skill five would be a nice buff to this deathstar unit, but we'll have to see what special rules they bring along.

Troop squad - like the bike squad in vanilla codex (3-10 bikes and 2 bikes can become a single attack bike) but with RW special abilities and options   ~Again Codex:Space Marines + something.  No idea what those rules and options are, so I can't say what will be good or not.

Fast attack squad - 1-5 attack bike squadron can split into 2 units   ~Bigger and better than the C:SM entry.  Very nice to see a new aplication of combat squads.  There have been rumors of these guys getting plasma cannons, but we'll see.

LS squadron - 1-5 LS with access to all equipment as per vanilla codex plus the specific RAM version (rumored to take LC too) they can split into 2 units ~Not sure what the RAM version will be, but the ability to possibly get lascannons would be a nice bonus.  Also, more combat squads.

New kind of dread that can take terminator options...Very big transport flyer with room enough for 20 marines (the rumor says 20 tda but i guess it will be 20 PA or 10 tda)...   ~The dread is a little bit interesting, maybe capable of switching between the shooting and CC variants in one slaot or mixing and matching.  The flier transport reminds me of the stormraven if it substituted it's dread capacity for more seating.  I'm interested to see what this wil develop into.

That's all folks.  Looks like a nice rumor dump, but we'll all be stocking up on salt for the next few months.  I'm excited for the possibility of taking more varied versions of these units, making the ability to field a single company army more than a cookie-cutter exercise.  I can see these be very elite and designed to work with each other.  Notice how there are no heavy Ravenwing and no fast Deathwing.  If this is true, I can see GW moving more into a synergistic direction with unit design and that makes me as a Tau player very happy.  What do you think of these rumors?

I'm Underground Heretic and I get to live with that every day.

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