Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Hobby Table VI

Greetings and welcome to another Hobby Table.  Looking back on this series, I introduced it as being one that would fall on a number of topics pertaining to the hobby that didn't just revolve around the game itself.  We all know that at the end of the day, much of Warhammer 40,000 is about the stat lines, the dice, and the missions.  But there is so much more to this game than simply how a game pans out.  There's a story to it as well.

While almost every Hobby Table has been about trying to create innovative or unique mission types, I wanted to delve into something a bit more towards the idea of storytelling.  After all, if this game didn't have such an intricate and well developed lore behind it, there wouldn't be much more to it then an expensive game of chess.  Recently a fair number of us got together to simply put models on the table and throw some dice.  I am going to take that game, and establish a developed piece of lore for this engagement.  So lets jump right into it.

Imperial Records 

Record Num: 997.435.425.782.166.324.021.428.936
Date of Access: 5.992.999.M41
Record Origin: Segmentum Tempestus.Tyron System.Tyron Secundus.Hive Augustine.Imperial Command Headquarters
Topic: Full disclosure of events surrounding and including the Defense of Hive Augustine.
Author: First Prefect to Governor Farenfaust, Alea Nortellus

+++ Begin Transmission Signal 001 +++

As commanded, a full disclosure of events preceding the Defense of Hive Augustine, permitted through direct order of the Imperial Inquisition - Ordo Hereticus, Lord Inquisitor Gias Nevil Sentarus.

Image recovery #9827463.1 Tyn.Prm
Date of Event: 956.999.M41 - 971.999.M41
Planet of Event Origin: Tyron Primus
Planetary Designation: Hive World
Planetary Tithe Grade: Decuma Prima
Location: Segmentum Tempestus
Planetary Defenses: Imperial Guard "Tyron's Might"

  • Defense Force Segmented by order of Governor Varen in 956.999.M41.
  • Defense Force Segmented further by order of First Prefect Farenfaust in 967.999.M41.
Security Level: 8.5
  • No Xeno, Mutant, or Heretic forces sighted in system.
  • System Tithes paid in full with .001% margin of error.

"The Varen Incident"
It was confirmed that the planet was entrusted with a tithe to the Throne of Decuma Prima.  The Governor announced a heightened tax was being proclaimed after news of the second siege of Bakka had reached the Tyron system, and would now be enforcing the tithe level of Exactis Tertius.  This level is usually expected from only the most profitable systems, or as punishment for crimes against the Throne, to which Tyron was responsible for neither.  Governor Varnen had requested a large detachment of the Planetary Defense Force be designated to his control.  Many were unsure, but we in his direct company all saw it for what it was.  This was an enforcement squad.  By the Throne, it was an entire enforcement platoon.  It is seldom you see an armored division roll into a Hive bearing the Planetary Governor's house sigil larger than the Imperial Aquilla.  I knew it would not be long before the system was brought to war.

With the new tithes straining the planet and it's population to the point of breaking, many were seeking answers from the Governor about why such a high tax rate was being expected of the system.  Varen's replies quickly stopped coming in the form of words, and more frequently in orders of imprisonment for those who asked too many questions.  Taking command of the remaining Imperial Guard forces not serving in Varen's little show of force, First Prefect Ricard Farenfaust issued an immediate action to take and hold the capitol of Tyron Secundus, Hive Augustine.  While this was an order any would recognize as being above his authority to command, many of the regiments answered the call.  Within a matter of weeks, the whole of the planet was under Farenfaust's control, and behind him a full 28 companies of the Tyron System's Defense Forces.  With both sides claiming the other guilty of heresy, there seemed to be no clear right or wrong to the masses, and so no immediate course of action would be taken by any.

Many of the system's populace were conflicted and unsure of who to believe.  The whole of the system was divided into those who served the current Governor, those who served in Farenfaust's Liberation Army, and those who refrained from taking orders from either.  Not long after the usurpation of Secundus, Governor Varen declared for those "still loyal to the Emperor" to rally at the Tyron Primus Space Port.  It was evident that war was about to come to the Tyron system from within.  However, Farenfaust had one last ace in the hole to which the Governor was not even aware existed... me.

I had secretly pledged my allegiance to First Prefect Farenfaust before he began his campaign to liberate Tyron of its Tyrant, and as the next in line as his replacement, I'm sure he saw my potential use.  I suppose it's lucky for him that I shared his beliefs, but then I suppose the Emperor guides us all.  Perhaps it was more than luck that led me to his company.

Image recovery #9827463.2 "Gov.Plc"
With the Governor's palace nearly empty, I was finally able to breach his personal office.  Normally filled from wall to wall with advisers, aides, and guards, the halls were uncharacteristically silent.  All who worked here had taken to the Governor's call, save for me.  Varen had to leave someone in command of the palace as was proper Imperial edicate, and the First Prefect has the honor of serving in the Governor's stead.  I was alone with all of the lies and secrets Varen had built over his reign and all I had to do to stop this war was find them.  Fortunately for me, his corruption was evident in nearly all of his work.  It took no time at all for me to compile a laundry list of offenses against the Imperium and the Emperor that would break the will of his followers.  After all, it can't be easy to serve a man willingly when you know he has robbed you of your thrones and enslaved you to falsities.

I soon found myself running through the deserted ornate halls and passages of the palace, my hands clinging to my personal data slate.  I felt the grip couldn't be stripped by Horus himself, for within it was the key to stopping a full blown heresy without a single shot.  Not many can claim to have subdued an army of traitors with not but a data slate.  It was nearly 25 full minutes before I reached the doors of the massive communication array of the palace.  At a full sprint nearly the entire time, my body was on fire.  My legs felt as though filled with boiling hydrogen plasma and my fingers ached from releasing the vice grip on my precious cargo.  I heaved and nearly vomited my lungs onto the floor as I gasped for air.  I am quite sure I would have been questioned furiously by those around me about where I came from, and why I looked as though I had run from Holy Tera itself if not surrounded by mindless servitors.

After a few minutes of waiting, and still gasping for air, the connection was completed and the broadcast sent to every comm station, hive city, and broadcast point in the sector.  The multitudes of Governor's crimes were flooding into the streets and minds of all those who had trusted him.  I couldn't help but smile.  For a brief moment... I was more powerful than anyone in the Tyron System.  I felt like a hero.

It wasn't until later when the newly appointed Governor Farenfaust arrived to regain control of the system that I was informed I had been mistaken.  He corrected me with a slight smile on his face as he informed me that I had not stopped a heresy without a shot fired, but rather that I had stopped a heresy with a single shot fired.  Evidently Varen's closest guards weren't spared his corruption, and a searing las-round to the skull relieved him of his duties.  I couldn't help but feel a slight laughter erupt from my mouth as I stood before Farenfaust, and then couldn't stop a tear of elated joy from rolling down my face as he appointed me to his First Prefect.

I thought in that day the system had been saved.  A war averted, and untold millions of lives spared.  But what I didn't realize was the impending war that loomed on the horizon.  An enemy I never dreamed I'd see, nor thought possible was just beyond the darkness of space, and with it came the foulness of Xenos... and the stench of heretics.  Only one thought would enter my mind in those coming weeks that kept me amongst the sane.

The Emperor Protects...

+++ End Transmission Signal 001 +++

Well that concludes part one.  I sincerely hope you all enjoyed it as we've only just scratched the surface of this engagement.  We recently upgraded our comment system to Disqus, so now you can comment even easier and see those who are active on the site.  In any case, that's it for this edition of Hobby Table.



  1. An excellent read!
    Just two small corrections
    "Perhaps it was more than luck that LED me"
    "the connection was COMPLETED"

    That is the part I've missed with my tyranids, not being able to give a good perspective. I've rectified that with my tau. Working on a darn good story.

  2. A great read. I look forward to future installments.

    And I agree with The Gravemind it is rather annoying to write fluff for my nids. Everything has to be done from the enemies perspective.

  3. Damn satisfying to read. I feel like things might end up a little bit of a mess in the future :P

  4. Corrections made. Thanks for the help. I read the thing like 5 times, but there's just a lot there to get through XD

  5. Well you guys could write an entire story in a series of screeches, scratches, and blurps. C'mon, create a language! get into it! Just ask yourselves... What Would Tolkien Do?

  6. When you read your own stuff your mind auto corrects and you don't notice mistakes.


  7. Can't wait to check it out when you do.